Funny / Not Funny Records Fall 2010 Mix Tape

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Here it is yall! 13 new tracks from the F/NF past, present, and future family! Please feel free to pass this link around to your friends. Actual mix tapes will be created in the near future, with remixes, mash-ups, and bonus tracks on the B side. We’ll let you know when those are in the store and with the bands, and I’ll be sure to post bonus material online. CD versions will be included with most orders, available at shows in the surrounding area, and on tour with the bands, while supplies last.

Enoy side A for now!

  1. Whatever brains - Cousteau On A Crutch (Unreleased)
  2. My Mind - Noblesse Oblige (Unreleased)
  3. Invisible Hand - Vegetables (F/NF013 - S/T LP - PRE-ORDER NOW)
  4. Borrowed Beams of Light - Party At The End of the World (Self-Released CD)
  5. Matt Leech - Empty House (Unreleased)
  6. Andrew Cedermark - Why We Exist (Unreleased)
  7. The Young Sinclairs - Bright Day (Unreleased)
  8. The Alphabet - No Ghosts (Unreleased)
  9. Drunk Tigers - Long Bored (F/NF006 - Split Cassette w/ Andrew Cedermark - RESTOCKED!)
  10. John Hostetter - Don’t Love Me (F/NF005 - Red Square Cassette)
  11. Ben Schlabach - Comes in Nines (F/NF009 - Masanetta Lathe 7”)
  12. Elephant Child - Phantom (F/NF012 - split Cassette w/ Order - Available 11/2010)
  13. Order - Centipede (Self-Released Party Favor CD - DOWNLOAD FREE HERE)