Monthly Mix Super Recap / Retrospective

Been a bit huh? Enjoy these retrospective monthly mixes:

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June Monthly Mixtape: Harper Holsinger

The Funny / Not Funny Records Monthly Mixtape for June 2014 is brought to you by label owner Harper Holsinger. This mix is inspired by records I have picked up this summer. Summer is the best time to spin a record. Make time for it, you will not regret it. Enjoy the mix.

King Khan & the Shrines - Born to Die
If one was to plan the most epic party ever and required a MC then without a doubt I would select Arish Ahmad Khan. Andrew WK has nothing on this guy.

Thee Oh Sees - Put Some Reverb on My Brother
John Dwyer cannot stop making incredible records. LEGEND.

The Tough Shits - Try Not to Laugh
Somehow slept on this band. So good. Think they are already about to break up and thus I will probably never catch them live. I messed up.

Ketamines - You Can’t Stop Time
11:11. It is a thing. Happens twice a day even. Song is off a 7 inch that is part of a four part collection whose covers can be assembled to make one big poster. So rad.

Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time
One of my favorite records from 2012. Why did it take me so long to pick it up? I will never know.

Jesuslesfilles - Bicyclette
Canadian gem I randomly came across while surfing music blogs. In the running for one of my favorite records of the year.

King Tuff - Hole In My Head
Off a 7 inch that Suicide Squeeze put out that immediately sold out. I can understand why, both sides rip! Finally was able to acquire copy that didn’t cost 3/4 of the moon.

Hunx and His Punx - I Won’t Tell If You Won’t Tell

May Monthly Mixtape: Harper Holsinger

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The Funny / Not Funny Records Monthly Mixtape for May 2014 is brought to you by label owner Harper Holsinger. This mix is inspired by hectic times, new beginnings & abrupt endings, and this season of Game of Thrones coming to an end. Enjoy.

Sigur Ros - The Rains of Castamere
Song instantly stuck in my head the moment I heard it televised. The manner in which it was presented and so abruptly cut short by the King himself left me wanting more. Love how Sigur Ros has brought to life this song from the book. Sidenote: Ramin Djawadi is pretty awesome.

Black Lab - This Night
Take this night and wrap it around you watchmen. Also, what’s a retrospective post/mix without a band from the 90s. Also, Also, this song was used as a promo for the sixth season of The Shield. Remember that jam? Bet the whole thing is on netflix now.

The Dwarf Cast & Richard Armitage - Misty Mountain
When putting this mix together, I knew there was this song that the Rains Of Castamere reminded me of. At first I thought it was This Night by Black Lab but then I realized it was just that song from the other fantasy thing. Go figure. Also how rad is that dragon? Wonder if Bill Callahan named his band after the creature or the pollutant? If you get this reference you are a nerd and so am I.

Wes Swing - Blood Branches
Secretly wish this song was about the old gods of the forest. Maybe it is but most likely not. I should ask him sometime, because I happen to know Wes, which is crazy because that dude is TALENTED. Encourage you to check out his other stuff.

War Paint - Love Is To Die
Put on your war paint for all men must die. Maybe a stretch but man I am seriously in love with this band.

Dead Can Dance - Return Of The She-King
Daenerys is making her way back to her supposed birthright and this band is making its way back to writing, performing, and touring after a very long hiatus. Fitting.

Midlake - Rulers, Ruling All Things
Song title is self explanatory. Get your game on.

Destroyer - Archer On The Beach (ft. Tim Hecker)
Destroyers, Archers, Kings, & Queens. Also this is one long slow jam Dan has put together. No wonder this EP is on a 12”.

April Monthly Mixtape: Harper Holsinger

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The Funny / Not Funny Records Monthly Mixtape for April 2014 is brought to you by label owner Harper Holsinger. This mix is inspired by hectic times, new beginnings & abrupt endings. This mix contains intros, interludes, demos, and succinct songs and is another short mix similar to our December 2013 mixtape. Enjoy.

Toe - Hangyaku Suru Fuukei
Probably the shortest song this Japanese post rock outfit akin Explosion In The Sky has ever made.

Tussle - Saturnism
Quick lick by Tussle. Always been a fan of this group and their Brooklyn Break Beat leanings. FFO Bronx Warrior (the movie) and ESG

Moon Dog - Down Is Up
Killer Short Songs? Introducing the man, the myth, the legend. Moondog.

Omar Rodríguez-López - Solenoid Mosque
A jazz freak out off the solo record by the At The Drive In / Mars Volta guitarist.

Teeth Mountain - 13
Noise. Also, this band was on Judge Judy. Still funny.

Tim Barry - No BS Warm Up
A tid bit off a Tim Barry record that features the No BS Brass Band warming up.

Tickley Feather - “There’s This Magic Spell Right Inside Your Bones”
“There’s This Magic Spell Right Inside Your Bones!! Really. I have seen it.

Order - Untitled
Order of the Dying Funky Orchid Bunch is one Funky Boombox Bunch. After re-reading that, all I want to do is to order brunch.