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Funny / Not Funny Records

The David Lazer Fundraizer

A positive project featuring many of the F/NF family; Naked Gods, Y’all, Invisible Hand, Borrowed Beams of Light, Order, Bishops, Uncle Bengine, and many more close friends and bands. Check it out and help out rad friends.

Tapes, Tapes, Tapes. Tapes Y’all, Tapes. Pre-Order F/NF 028.

F/NF is excited to officially welcome Y’all to the family with the release of their cassette tape. This introductory tape perfectly showcases their transition to a new moniker and their musical chairs rotation on instruments after replacing a member. You will find this new project fuzzier, spacey-er, and downright more exploritive… -er. Do not miss out on the opportunity to book your passage on this jam filled journey. Limited to 100 on white. Check out the single ‘Blame It On Whatever” below:

PRE-ORDER F/NF 028: Y’all - I’m Here Right Now CS

Upcoming Y’all Shows

9/3 @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Diarrhea Planet & Left & Right
9/5 @ Nice Price Books & Records WKNC 88.1 FM Day Party w/ Matt Kivel, Krill, Palehound, Black Santa
9/6 @ Official Hopscotch Music Festival Show @ Kings
9/7 @ Slim’s Downtown Hangover Party w/ Hammer No More The Fingers, Strange Faces, Clockwork Kids, The Vibekillers, and surprises…
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